From simple surveys with same-day turn around time to fully customized research tools, outsource or automate all your research tasks.
mine the present to predict the future

As good as your current research is, it can always be better, faster, more accurate, more predictive, more insightful, less biased, and (surprise?) less expensive. Working directly with your technology team, we tap into any existing data to understand past patterns, or go out and gather any data needed, then build new tools to turn your incoming data into ongoing insight machines. We'll help turn your static powerpoint presentations into dynamic dashboards and your spreadsheet analyses into predictive analytics. We won't just tell you what you need to do, we'll work until it's done.

  • Data Scraping

    Automagically turn unordered information found out on the web into a usable, always up-to-date database

  • Interactive Dashboards

    Your dad loves spreadsheets. We love software that makes spreadsheets irrelevant.

  • API Programming

    Skip the middleman. Let all your databases interact directly with each other.

  • Custom Research Tools

    Whether you want a tool to test top-secret UI tweaks or measure your customers bio-metric feedback, we can build it.

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